On the diet – month 1

Day 1-3

Feel a bit flu-ey. I also feel a bit more wired than usual during this time (I drink quite a lot of coffee as normal). I have a flushed face and feel tired. I find it hard to concentrate. I feel emotional. I am losing a lot of weight very fast (1kg/day) and pissing like a racehorse so this is probably dumping of body water associated with the low carbohydrate intake. This is feeling quite serious. Ketostix still showing no sign of ketosis. Feel a bit hungry but not in a stomach-growling way.

Day 4-9

Still feel a bit flu-ey, wired, problems concentrating, emotional. Weight loss has slowed to a rate that’s within my experience (equivalent to 0.5kg/week). Still no obvious ketosis on the sticks, maybe some traces some nights. Wondering if I bought a bum batch on eBay. Feel less hungry.

Day 10

Stop feeling crap. Still flushed. Concentration back. Still no major ketosis, possible traces. I am going to try really upping my fat intake with cream and pork scratchings. Don’t feel hungry at all.

Day 11

Boom. Big positive on the Ketostix. This makes me wonder if in fact it’s better to have traces only, indicating that all the ketones are being used up. I don’t know if the sticks measure waste (unused) ketones or the bi-products of ketone digestion. You see what I mean about research?

Day 12

I did that research and I was right – traces-only is indicative of greater weight loss going on. This reference is very helpful: http://www.free-workout-plans-for-busy-people.com/keto-sticks.html

Weight loss so far: about 3.5kg

Day 15

Weight seems to be going back up. Need to look at calorie intake. I’m a bit disappointed after the amazing early stages. Been feeling occasionally hungry but not badly. Easily satiated. Energy levels are normal. Power is good. Endurance is really good, put power endurance is down.

Day 16

Go for cholesterol test. It is normal and healthy. I’ll get the data and post it up.

Day 25

Back under control and hit target weight of 75kg for the first time. I just ate less but still never really felt hungry and was easily satiated.

Day 28

What happened there? Gained a kg overnight then lost 1.5 kg the next day. This has to be a weird hydration thing. Had a salty Caesar salad with anchovies on the Friday night, drank loads of squash, and then sweated buckets fixing the insulation in the attic on Saturday evening. Just goes to show….

Day 29

Feel like I am stabilising at under 75kg. Also I haven’t needed a lunchtime nap or to stop driving to nod off since I started the diet.
Essentially though, it’s all about this:


Day 31

Today my approximate body fat % measured on my home scales is 16%. When I started it was somewhere around 22%. 22% of 80kg = 17.6kg. 16% of 75kg = 12kg. This all makes sense and suggests that the majority of my weight loss has been fat.


2 thoughts on “On the diet – month 1”

  1. Hi Tim,

    I found the link to your blog on UKC. Thanks for that–it’s very helpful. I’m only 8 days in to my ketogenic diet attempt and was wondering if you had noticed any elevated heart rate in your first week or two on the diet? My resting heart rate is up by about 10-15bpm and my heart rate immediately jumps even higher with any exercise. Very frustrating…

    Thanks for the detailed info you’ve got here!


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