On the diet – month 2

Day 32

Last night I went to the gym for the first time in years instead of going swimming or climbing. I half expected to hit a brick wall in endurance or output levels or both, perhaps because it was new forms of exercise (rowing & running especially) but it went pretty well! In fact in some ways it went really well. I found my heart rate was unusually steady compared to what I remember from my last big gym phase in 2009/10. I felt great and really enjoyed the session, which lasted about an hour an involved a (very approximate) 400 calories burnt. Looking forward to going again.

Day 34

I feel like I’ve hit a bit of a weight plateau at the moment, hovering above 75kg. However, it’s only been a few days without significant weight loss. I look pretty lean; leaner than I have for a long time. I feel pretty good about this, truth be told. I feel physically light. I confess that this makes me happier

I’ve been paying more attention to my hydration this week. Alternating coffees with waters, doing the Burning Man drill of “pee clear” (i.e. not yellow); not quite making that happen , but doing better than previous weeks. I’ve been at traces levels of ketones all week on the Ketostix.

Day 36

I went looking for a diet tracker app and after a few false starts settled on MyPlate. It’s easy to set up and I particularly like the home screen, see below. It’s targeted towards following macronutrients, so well suited to this diet. The scanner is not much use, in fact I have not managed to successfully scan one item with it. That’s a non-working scanner (in the UK at least) but personally my diet is not that varied so it’s no hassle to input a search term, be offered the options, and select something.


This has enabled me to watch my intake, especially carbs, and look after hydration. I’m back on a downwards weight trajectory again as well.

The app deducts “extra exercise” from calorie intake to give you a net daily intake of calories to compare against a required intake, being BMR – the weight loss target converted to calories. As you can see, for me to lose 0.5kg/week the app is saying I need to take in 1790 net calories a day. If you recall, in my Introduction post I did some BMR calculations and the value there was 1653 cal/day.

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