On the diet – month 4


imageDay 113

Check out my massive water retention spike! I’ve been having weird Saturday weight spikes for a while and I couldn’t work out why. Then this utterly enormous one happened so i had to do some research. I found good info on the body building website, talking about water retention in response to ingesting excessive sodium (i.e. salt). Then it all started to make sense. One of our favourite restaurants, Origano in Leith does takeaways and since I have been on the diet the only thing on their menu I can eat is the Chicken Ceasar Salad. It’s pretty salty anyway, I think it’s the dressing they use, but I always have it with anchovies….as I had on this occasion last weekend. I don’t know why the spike was so unusually large this time.

The surprising solution was to drink absolutely gallons of water. The rate of return to normal was about 500g/day.

Watch your sodium intake to avoid excessive water retention!

Day 114

Those of you who have read the first posts in this blog will know that one of, if not the main objective of adopting this diet was to lose weight in order to climb harder without injuring my fingers; a perennial problem for me. “Climb harder” itself meant the specific goal of red pointing 7a (outdoors of course); two grades harder than my previous best of 6c, being Nebuchodonosor in Spartacus sector, Kalymnos, in 2008.

After two sessions working the route, today I red pointed my first 7-grade route: Raw Deal on Wave sector in Cheddar Gorge (7a). To say I am happy would be a major understatement. I’ve out so much effort, commitment and discipline into losing around 14kg since this time last year, and 10kg since March, recovering from a serious finger injury, and getting my climbing up to this standard as well. I nearly did the route yesterday, falling on the last move, but I got it quite quickly today after a shaky start – red point nerves!

I would’t say I found it easy, but it was obviously totally do-able. This makes me realise that actually, in this shape, with the right routes, training and partners, further significant advancement is completely possible.

I would like to thank Eric for belying me, and coaching me, these last two days, and Donald for training with me in Edinburgh, Glasgow and in-between over the last six months. Thanks guys!

I’m not sure what is going to happen next diet-wise. Watch this space…

Day 115

Prompted by a query on UKC about my current body fat %, I did some skin fold tests. Here’s the text of that post:

I don’t have fat % reading scales anymore, and I’m not convinced of the accuracy of the home ones anyway; the ones I had were all over the place, all the time. I know I have gained upper body muscle mass, but overall: I just couldn’t tell you what % my body fat is now, I’m sorry. If I come across some fat % scales I’ll let you know. It would be interesting, for sure. Based on past experience I would say I’m now about 9-10%, but it’s a guess. Skin fold test on suprailiac fat pad is 12mm.

That gives me an idea…I’ve got some vernier callipers in the cupboard. I’ll just do a run of skin fold tests.

Chest 4mm
Midaxilliary 4m
Suprailiac 11mm
Abdominal 12mm
Thigh 7mm
Tricep 6.5mm
Subscapular 8mm


9.43%. How about that guess! 6.7kg of fat. So I probably lost ~11kg of fat and gained about 1.5kg of muscle.


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