On the diet – month 13

It’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been very busy with things other than weight loss and serious climbing. I stayed on the diet permanently as it really suited me, but without any formal calorie counting since last summer. My weight has stabilised at 72-73kg although I’ve been eating noticeably more than I was last year and exercising less, which is interesting. I’ve no intention of changing my diet at present. My cholesterol is still low and my energy levels are very good.

Lindor white chocolate has more fat in it than carbs.

Recently, I’ve been bouldering at A2 once or twice a week and climbing indoors at EICA more often as well. Ticked a so-called 7b on toprope there the other day, which was nice, if somewhat meaningless. I have a new project – “Buzooka 7b, in Ratho Quarry”. I’ve been on the route once on top rope and got up to the roof, then out round the left hand side of it to the rock-over. No further. It’s a technique route, slabby, not power orientated, so quite good if you don’t have the spare time to get really strong.

Currently waiting for a coaching session and the very best beta from the 2nd ascensionsist, Robbie Phillips, on 8 April, and dropping my calorie intake to get back down to 70, 69, 68? kg

7b in 2017?